Our success comes from a steadfast commitment
to the client’s vision and a culture of
balance , integrity , leadership and



We pride ourselves on being a local builder with national reach. Our employees are spread across offices and job sites. Though our presence today is larger than ever before, we are deeply rooted in the communities where we build and live.

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Construction services

ATOM BRICKS is committed to setting the highest standards of service and performance in the construction industry. We understand this can only be achieved by bringing together a team of dedicated construction professionals and uniquely talented craftsmen with one common goal- a successful project.
Our mission mission and vision are built around the goal of delivering the very best solutions and results for our clients. Leadership is one of our core values; it is the reason we excel at construction management.
As craftsmen, we love to build and are passionate about executing projects from start to finish. Knowing that the construction process can be overwhelming, we serve as client advocates through the entire process to ensure a successful project.
As advocates, we define client project teams based upon their specific needs. This approach allows us to provide expertise across multiple disciplines and leverage our capabilities to achieve our client’s goals.

As true builders, we take pride in providing innovative solutions, which allow us to adapt to unpredictable construction situations and identify issues before they occur. With leadership as our focus, we serve as a client advocate through transparent communication and flawless execution.
The result is a streamlined process with exceptional results every time.

We offers wide range of Construction Services


Actually we give shape to your dreams. We build places people call home. Building someone’s residence requires careful attention to detail. Having constructed many of housing units, ATOM BRICKS has developed best practices for maintaining high-quality standards in each dwelling.
Our processes ensure that fixtures, furnishings, and finishes meet our clients’ expectations and their residents’ needs. Whether working with a residential developer, REIT, hospitality group, or public institution, our approach is the same; we collaborate with clients during every phase of a project, from planning and design through delivery and turnover, to ensure that our facilities are welcoming homes for future residents.


We have a major experience in carrying out all types of villa constructions projects. In the past years, ATOM BRICKS have successfully completed several villa Commercial & Residential Villa Complex project. We are currently carrying out many villa construction complex project.
ATOM BRICKS Contracting delivers a staff of highly trained construction professionals, a wealth of knowledge and innovative solutions to every project In construction services, we are differentiated by the breadth, and depth of our expertise, together with local knowledge of the markets in which we operate and our close relations with supply chains.


Whether protecting a structure’s historic significance, integrating modern technology into an antiquated facility or meticulously restoring a building’s fragile façade, ATOM BRICKS understands the careful planning, coordination, and special attention to detail that is required to bring historic buildings back to their original grandeur.
While we may be best known for the new landmarks we've built, just as important to our success is our renovation and restoration projects. We have rejuvenated many facilities, and offer extensive experience in this market.


We change empty space into our client’s vision. Our teams have delivered tailor-made interiors for some of organizations in their respective fields. Working with their consultants, or interpreting their vision to deliver a design and build the project, our collaborative approach has resulted in award-winning workplaces in the region.
Our teams have experience working in occupied workplaces, allowing our clients to continue their daily activities, saving them both time and money.
We are also used to working in multi-tenanted buildings and in close proximity to neighbors’, enforcing strict procedures to ensure their well-being and comfort at all times.

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